Trade Services


Commercial Printing means many things, but at Cole Graphic Solutions we serve a wide variety of industries that need durable and beautiful signs, graphics, decals, displays, tags, and so much more. We aren’t your source for business cards or brochures, instead, we use state-of-the-art screen printing and large format digital print equipment to produce quality graphic communication products that will hold up to the wear, weather or the abuse that your retail or industrial application might subject it to. As an industry expert for 90 years, we take the time to learn about the intended use for your graphics so we can engineer the right mix of materials, inks and finishing processes to fit your needs. We find beauty in durability, precision and in long-term partnerships with our clients and vendors. As a durable graphic solution provider, “going the extra mile” is our day-to-day!


Rather than digitally printing a flood on your roll stock – a slow, costly process – let’s convert your roll stock to sheets and we’ll screen print your flood quickly and with inks that are more durable, stable and flexible. Our maximum screen print image size is 52” x 98” and as a G7 Certified shop, you can count on us to hit and hold your brand colors. In addition, our Vutek Large Format UV Hybrid press can print your variable data and/or 4cp images onto the screen printed floods to serve as a back up when your production is overloaded or the run is too small for your operation. We can help with pick-up and delivery and you have our promise that your accounts are your secret! We have a long reputation for ethical business dealings and we will not cross that line!


By screen printing floods or patterns of translucent colors onto acrylics, polycarbonates or other resins, CGS offers affordable alternatives to 3Form™️ and Lumicor™️ products. Wide format shops do this digitally but again thanks to the superior adhesion, flexibility and durability of UV screen print inks, General Contractors can have these sheets cut, routed, bonded, etc. with minimal risk and at a much lower cost overall.


We’ve been in the trade for 90 years and we’ve developed strong, long-term relationships with local businesses within the print industry. They’ve learned that they can count on us to be honest, to test our limits, to stand behind our products and to protect their client relationships. Our Sales Team members are good people. They’ll respond quickly and will communicate clearly about what we can and can’t do to help you. We’ve built this business by innovating solutions so give us a shot and we’ll do our best to earn your trust.