Party time

What Flavor Is Your Party?

At Cole Graphic Solutions, we love a fun party – good food, laughter and games have always been a big part of our culture and provide fun opportunities to strengthen relationships outside of the workplace. We’re always looking for creative ways to make our gatherings interesting, so for this year’s Summer Picnic, we decided some segregation was in order. The guys went one way and the girls went another.  That was a first!

Which party was more fun? Well, that’s up for debate!  The girls got to sip margaritas, enjoy gourmet tacos and spend a relaxing afternoon hanging out around the pool.  The guys headed out into the Northwest wilderness for some serious paintballing, which involved teamwork, strategy, sweat, a little pain and a lot of smack-talk!  Their lunch of bar food and beers was well deserved.

We know, from our own CGS team, that the answer to the question, “which party would you choose?” doesn’t necessarily fall along guy/gal lines – we have some pretty competitive gals and a few guys that would rather spend their party chillin’ by the pool.  So, how about you?

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