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The Right Questions for the Best Results

In real estate they say it’s all about location, location, location.  Well, in screen and digital printing it’s all about application, application, application.  Knowing how the product is going to be used is absolutely critical to the proper selection of elements – substrates, ink systems, adhesives, protective laminates, etc.

On any given job there are lots of variables.  If your print vendors aren’t asking you questions about how your print job will be used, Stop!  Do not pass go.  They are not the right printer.

At Cole Graphic Solutions we are all about the questions!  We’ve got 85 years in the business which translates into great experience at creating graphic communication solutions, but first we have to listen to you.

Here’s what we might ask about your application – When, Why, Where, What and How?
How long will it be in use?  Weeks or years?
From what distance is it viewed? 12 inches, 12 feet or 12 yards?
Is it for interior or exterior use?
If exterior – will it be exposed to: UV (sun) fading? Abrasion? Wind? Vandalism?
If interior – will it be handled much or out of reach?
Is weight an issue – for shipping, handling, etc.
You’ve stipulated color, but how about surface reflectivity? Matte or gloss?
If it’s a decal, what surface are you adhering it to? Painted? Porous? Textured? Smooth?

So, what happens when your needs and expectations meet our understanding of the resources available?  Here’s a fun story of one of those outcomes.

A large retail customer asked us to work on an in-store branding project.  Their designers had envisioned beautiful, rustic, real wood interior signs that would be screen printed with their logo and tagline.  Of course, we provided an estimate just as they’d asked for it, but we offered an alternative that was the result of some questions we’d asked.

The wood that they’d specified was very costly and with all of the finishing labor required they were facing a very high substrate cost … and that was before printing had even started!  We sourced a wood veneer with the same look that we could then laminate with adhesive and apply to a light-weight but sturdy plastic material.  This provided the same finished look at less than half the cost!  The lighter weight also saved them thousands in shipping the finished signs to their stores across the US and Canada.

The designers were happy to have the look they desired while the marketing and purchasing departments were thrilled with the cost savings.  Innovation and a desire to be a true partner in creating solutions is a huge drive for Cole Graphic Solutions.

Our goal, like yours, is to achieve the best value for your investment.  So let’s talk. We’re all ears!

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