Supporting Tacoma Youth For Christ

Have you seen cool, large graphics on bus or store windows and thought, “doesn’t that block their view from the inside out?” The trick to making it work is Perforated Window Vinyl. Imagine pressure sensitive vinyl (sticker material) that is white on the outside and black on the inside and has thousands of tiny holes punched through it. We print a graphic on the white side, adhere it to the window, and now you have a killer marketing message on the outside that sells your product and tells your story. But, what do you see from the inside? The same thing you used to see but with a slight tint.

Case Study: A favorite community partner of ours, Tacoma Youth For Christ, cares for our area’s young people in countless ways.  One of their inner city youth centers had a need for vibrant window graphics to communicate their message to the local community without blocking the light source provided by the window.  They also needed to assure that folks on the sidewalk couldn’t look in at night to see the computers and other equipment that might tempt potential burglars.

Check out the solution that Perforated Window Vinyl provided for them – and note that the photo from the interior space (right) allows full visibility of the street outside.

Put those panes of glass to work communicating your message with Perforated Window Graphics produced by Cole Graphic Solutions, Inc. and to learn more about Tacoma Youth For Christ and their mission, visit their website.

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