Cole Graphic Solutions has been an industrial sign and label leader for decades and that is simply because the human beings here are amazing! Starting with a smart and caring sales and customer service team, our skilled G7 Certified prepress technicians, a production team that works efficiently and daily make quality judgments as though they own the company and then we’re all supported by an administrative team that keeps it flowing smoothly. When intelligent people like working together, are encouraged to think-critically and innovate and when they know that their work is valued the result is beautiful (and durable!).

When you take care of your employees they take care of the customers and your business takes care of itself.


You are the reason we exist.  By listening to the sign and label needs of our customers, we continue to develop unique ways of printing that provide end products that look beautiful and are durable.  Our 90 years of industry experience with durable ink systems, and our cutting edge print technologies, combined with knowledge of today’s top substrates enables us to engineer graphic solutions that solve your marking challenges.

How We Innovate

Pumpskins Logo

When the coffee industry moved from glass carafes to stainless steel dispensers, which quickly showed scratches and dents, we invented pumpskins.  Pumpskins are durable, scratch-resistant plastic branding overlays that wrap around coffee or tea dispensers. Whether permanent or removable, they are custom die cut to fit brewing and serving equipment like a glove.  As brewing equipment has evolved over the years, we have too, meeting new challenges and branding new surfaces.

Polydura logo

When our outdoor signage customers needed an ultra-durable and cost-effective substrate that could stand up to extreme conditions, we created PolyDura. Extruded Polyethylene is a good sign substrate due to its unique combination of flexibility and rigidity. We made PolyDura even better by adding enhanced fade resistance to help prevent UV degradation, holding its vivid color longer.  Then we use extremely durable printing methods that will keep your message in place longer than any alternative. 

Polytag Logo

We developed this unique substrate to answer the need for inexpensive, yet outdoor-durable signs, posters, markers and tags.  Weather resistant for up to eight months, it is an excellent choice for boundary markers, outdoor load tags, high visibility flagging and weather resistant posters. Our PolyTag outdoor substrate is available in a variety of vivid colors and with our durable print methods your custom imprinted message will get the job done.


You have very specific requirements for signs and labels that are durable and last the test of time. In order to serve you, our process doesn't begin with us, it starts with you. You tell us what you need and because of our decades of experiences, we can tailor our products to meet your specific use case. We lead you through each step of our process to make sure you are taken care of from start to finish.

You talk, we listen

You drive the process by communicating your needs for durability, color and delivery. We listen carefully and may have suggestions to offer, from our 90+ years of experience, to enhance your outcomes. We ask questions to assure that we’ve heard you and understand your goals.


The CGS team reviews your project goals to engineer your custom product. We consider artwork, substrates, ink systems, adhesives, overlaminates, cutting, and finishing options in order to create a perfect custom solution. We consider efficiencies, delivery times, potential inventory needs and potential cost-saving alternatives. This process sets CGS apart from the competition. We’re not simply order-takers; we THINK about your project and offer our expertise.


You are promptly presented a quote that represents our expert plan for the solution to your marking needs, including alternatives that we think you’ll want to consider. We discuss any questions that you have and once we agree on the correct plan, we’re off!

Internal Communication

A very detailed work order is created, incorporating project specifications, CGS’s workflow, quality standards, packaging and shipping requirements. This follows the project throughout the plant, providing clear communication to guide our very experienced production team members.

Continuous Quality Management

At every step we actively evaluate alignment with our quality control standards in order to ensure excellence and to engage in continuous improvement.


Digital artwork is emailed to us or uploaded to our servers, and our prepress team performs preflight analysis, provide proofs as required, produce film positives and technically accurate screens for screen printing or for digital printing and/or Die cutting or CNC cutting.


Production Manager reviews order to determine purchasing requirements and scheduling of print and post-print processes. Screens are prepped for screen print jobs; digital files received at press for digitally printed jobs. Color profiles selected and/or ink mixing completed and verified. Printing is completed by skilled team members according to work order specifications and with ongoing color management.

Post-Press Finishing

Finishing team follows detailed specifications on work order to apply appropriate finishing processes which might include: Laminating adhesives, applying clear overlaminates, back scoring, die cutting, digital cutting, CNC cutting, drilling, fabricating, kitting, and more.

Packaging & Shipping

Shipping team counts product and packages according to work order and customer specifications, employing shrink wrap, cartons, pallets, filling material, etc. to ensure appropriate protection of product while in transit. Freight company is selected and engaged. Inventory management applied for clients as required.