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$ 2
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  •   25 - $8.80
  •   50 - $6.50
  •  100 - $5.98
  •  250 - $4.88
  •  500 - $4.49
  • 1000 - $3.96
  • 2,500 - $2.99
  • 5,000 - $2.84

Protective Face Shield
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Please be advised that this product is not registered or certified as a medical device and is only provided as a means to limit exposure to respiratory droplets, when worn properly. This visor should not be considered to, under any circumstances, completely protect the user from airborne respiratory droplets. This product has not been tested to any specific regulatory requirement relating to face shields or face protec- tion, and is only being supplied to relieve shortages of otherwise certified face shields during the COVID-19 crisis of 2020. This product is supplied pursuant to the public readiness and emergency preparedness act (PREP), as well as in response to various emergency requests by state and federal authorities.

For more information on how to keep yourself and others safe, please visit the CDC website.