Polyethylene Signs

Polyethylene is a durable, flexible and economical substrate for outdoor signage, markers, posters and tags.  Our PolyDura is a proprietary formulation of polyethylene, specially treated for better fade-resistance. It contains post-consumer recycled material, and offers a more economical and environmentally responsible alternative to aluminum. Long-lasting, outdoor-durable ink systems paired with our PolyDura sign substrate assure that you get excellent longevity for your important messaging.  If it’s worth posting then get the best bang-for-your-buck!  Replacing missing, illegible or damaged signs is a waste of time and money. We inventory PolyDura in a variety of stock colors and will print your copy and images directly onto the substrate with the industry’s most durable inks via screen printing or digital printing.  PolyDura is available in a variety of thicknesses and we’ll die cut it to most any shape or size – with our own dies so you don’t pay for tooling!  Mounting holes, unique shapes, radius corners – we’ve been doing this for  over 30 years so we’re ready to help. We’ve all seen failed signs out in the field, with printed sheet-vinyl wrinkled and peeling away from an (expensive) aluminum blank.  Worse yet, you’ve seen signs made with applied vinyl lettering which is soon illegible due to missing letters from vandalism or weathering. Two signs can LOOK the same on the day of delivery but have very different useful lives due to material integrity and construction. That ‘quick-sign’ solution might seem like a deal but it’s not if you need to replace failures annually.  Low maintenance + durability = effective outdoor communication + cost savings. Go to PolyDura.com to use our Sign + Ink comparison tool to evaluate the readability of your ink color on different backgrounds.

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