Plastic Posters

(DUPLICATE OF POLYETHYLENE POSTERS – DELETE THIS NAME) If it’s worth posting, keep it clear and readable with posters and short-term signs printed on durable plastic. We often see outdoor messaging that’s been printed on paper, perhaps even laminated, that has faded and becomes illegible. Reds fade to pink and images become obscure. Campgrounds, parks, parking lots, community bulletin boards, universities and businesses post important messaging that needs to be visible for longer than our desktop printer’s ink is meant to last. Let Cole Graphic Solutions print your message and images with fade resistant inks on PolyDura so that it lasts and looks good for the time intended.  Our 19 gauge PolyDura brand polyethylene poster material is economical, fade resistant and available in a variety of colors and sizes.
Employee notices, warning signs, environmental cautions, seasonal messaging, COVID directives, recreational information, wildlife warnings, shoreline precautions, and legal notices are all examples of important communication that often leave a poor impression due to the wrong choice of process and materials. So get them done right, and done once, with no replacements, wasted staff time or bad impressions.
It’s almost as simple as clicking PRINT at your desktop. Just email us your copy and images, we’ll make any improvements you desire and you’ll receive durable plastic posters and you can count on.

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