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Stay updated on everything that is happening at CGS. Here, you will find case studies and cool projects we have been working on.


PolyDura Signs

Outdoor durable signs that can withstand weather extremes and abuse, communicating your message clearly.  PolyDura is our own proprietary High Density Polyethelene material which we

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Sign Starbucks Brown

Rack Signs

Make a lasting impression that will turn heads and bring customers in with our perfectly customized Brand signage. Our flexible two-sided option gives you double

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Backlit Panels

Transform your space into a captivating atmosphere with our stunning Backlit Panels! Our professional commercial printing services offer top-notch designs that will effortlessly catch the

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Wayfinding Signs

Efficiently guide your customers with our high-quality and durable wayfinding signs, meticulously designed and tailored to fit the unique needs of your business, ensuring a

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Display Signage

Are you searching for a surefire way to differentiate yourself, capture attention and create an enduring impact that leaves a lasting impression on your audience?

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