Meet pumpskins: A Division of Cole Graphic Solutions, Inc.

As a custom manufacturer of graphic elements, the team at Cole Graphic Solutions is used to crafting unique branding solutions. Twenty years ago we did just that when a customer called our attention to their need to protect stainless steel thermal coffee container surfaces.

pumpskins: An Innovative Response to an Industry Need

Our response was to develop pumpskins, a durable plastic wrap that fully covers the exterior of a beverage server. Either permanently adhered or removable, pumpskins both extend the useful life of your equipment and provide a great branding opportunity for customers.

We’ve Got You Covered in All Areas of Beverage Branding

We patented the idea, and have been producing pumpskins — and a wide variety of spin-off branding products for the coffee and tea industry — for more than 20 years. We really get a kick out of listening to the needs of our customers and employing our years of experience in developing creative solutions. We’ve got you covered!

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