Good Branding & Brand Signage

Key Factors in Good Branding & Brand Signage

A brand is science and psychology wrapped up in a memorable mark. It’s both a valuable asset and a promise. Your brand will outlive your products, so establishing your brand and conveying a consistent message is of the utmost importance. Branding is no easy feat. Cole Graphic Solutions respects those who have created and built strong brands. We appreciate the opportunities to help advance your brand. Our job is to help you reproduce an already established brand in a way that fits the environment and exposures to wear. This includes the correct choice of materials, ink, over-laminates, adhesives, and finishing processes to promote durable visibility.

So, what makes a strong brand?


Consumers must hear your name, see your logo, and feel your brand message over and over again before it is ingrained into their memory. Your brand should be represented on your signage the same way that it is represented on your website, marketing materials, and business cards. Consistency is key.


Don’t underestimate the power of your employees. Your employees are walking, talking advertisements for your brand. Get them excited about the brand and reward them for sending the right message. Your employees are educating your customers and leaving a lasting impression on your customers. Ask your employees to describe your company story in 50 words or less. If they can’t, chances are your customers can’t either.


When printing marketing materials, remember that printing in volume to save money isn’t always the answer. Print smaller quantities of your key marketing materials that will remain relevant for your company today. Update your marketing materials continuously to prevent your marketing materials from getting stale.


Branding doesn’t happen overnight and must be front of mind – all the time. It takes practice and patience. Branding starts and ends with you. You know your company better than anyone – after all, it’s yours. You educate your employees and in turn, your employees educate your customers. Only you can enforce your brand and key message to ensure a consistent message.

At Cole Graphic Solutions, we can provide you with the products and services you need to send the right message to the right customers at the right time. We offer custom window and floor graphics, retail fixtures, signage, magnets, product identification, vehicle graphics, perforated window vinyl and so much more. We can even suggest some surfaces that you may have not considered.

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