Pumpskins on display

Introducing The New Pumpskins.com

After months of brainstorming, research, design and development, we are excited to introduce the new pumpskins website. We believe that smart branding is critical to running a successful business and the new pumpskins.com demonstrates the value we place in our work. We invite you to take a look!

For those of you who may not know, 20 years ago, Cole Graphic Solutions unveiled a new product called pumpskins to the public. Pumpskins are the world’s first durable, scratch-resistant plastic overlays that wrap around specific coffee or tea dispensers. Whether permanent or removable, they are custom die cut to fit coffee or tea equipment like a glove.

Our pumpskins enable our coffee and tea clients to attract customers to their product with beautifully printed, brand-boasting graphics proudly displayed on their coffee and tea equipment.

Check out the new website, here.

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