Tags & Cards

Outdoor durable inventory tags, reference cards that can come in and out of a pocket countless times and still be read, brightly colored marker-flags that can hold up to the weather – sometimes you need more durability than paper products can offer. Let’s work together to assure that it will do the job for as long as you need it. Maybe it’s a designer clothing tag that will stand out with foil embossing or specialized inks. Scratch off ink, metallic Inks, scratch-n-smell inks, fluorescent or phosphorescent inks, and high-gloss UV coatings are all best applied by screen printing. Some of our customers don’t even ask us to print, they need custom die-cut plastic insulators for their electronic components, we’ve got the knowledge, supply chain, equipment and craftspeople to meet your needs. Let’s talk about your durable tag or card project.

“We’ve got a lot invested in our field equipment and the crews that maintain it come and go. If our maintenance tags don’t stay-put and hold up through the weather and handling our data is lost! That leads to damage, outages, wasted time and wasted money. Durable tags are worth the money. That’s a no-brainer!”

“Our custom reference cards provide the staff and volunteers with critical information they have to refer to frequently – quick conversions, codes and emergency procedures. If they’re not printed on durable plastic with ink that won’t fade or scratch off, we’d be replacing them constantly. And, no, using their cell phones to access it online doesn’t work – it’s a huge time waste!”


  • Retail Shelf Talkers
  • Heat-Inscribable Tags
  • Door Hangers
  • Quick Reference Cards
  • Product ID Tags
  • Parking Hangers
  • Service Record Tags
  • Inventory Management Tags
  • Electronic Insulators
  • Pocket Cards
  • Durable Tags

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