Graphic Overlays

Make interaction with your product durable, memorable and easy.

Component Engineering

Our knowledge in substrate selection and durable print methods
helps to ensure your custom graphic overlays will not fail.

Overlay Layers
  • Appropriate Adhesive. There are different adhesives for glass, powder coated metals, wood, and plastics. We work with you to determine best choice of adhesive.
  • Substrate as Barrier. Utilizing the substrate as the protection against damage from wear.
  • Ink Bond. Screen print inks have a higher bond to substrates than that of digital inks. Also, screen printed clear hard coatings can be added to the surface to provide clear windows for LED communication.

Production Services

Our experience with product manufacturers means we can deliver to your exacting standards every time.

  • Industrial Printing Experts. Our 24,000 sq foot facility is well equipped to deliver large orders on time and to provide inventory support so that your production line is never held up by your graphic elements.
  • Innovative Solutions. On order-intake we’ll ask questions and we’ll listen to your needs. Our Customer Service and Engineering teams collaborate to assure that you are provided the most current innovations our industry offers.
  • Reliable Partners. 90 years as an industry leader means strong vendor relationships, financial stability, inventory management and proven work-flow solutions.

Precision Graphics

Using a full color custom graphic overlay or label can help increase the quality of product branding

  • Full Color Designs. Production of full color overlay designs is our specialty. Overlays don’t have to be boring! Differentiate your equipment with the use of color and trust CGS to help you stand apart.
  • High Quality Imaging. Partner with a specialist in fine quality, close tolerance imaging. From pre-press to finishing, excellent execution requires top talent and state-of-the-art equipment. CGS has clients that have trusted us to deliver for over 30 years.
  • Color Consistency. Maintaining color consistency from part to part, and order to order, is a science not an art. CGS is a certified Idealliance G7 Master Colorspace Facility employing top industry standards and processes to measure and assure excellent color management.



Product Manufacturers