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Service calls and replacement costs can be 10x or more of the original label cost.  If you are anything like our other customers, you have learned first hand the expenses that can add up if your equipment labels fail.   In order to make sure your labels stand the test of time, you need a partner that can print to your exacting standards with a process that doesn’t fade or peel over time.

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Why Our Equipment Labels Last


If the supplier of your equipment labels doesn’t offer the option of screen printing, you are not getting the strongest, most durable ink to substrate bond and therefore you’re getting less than the best.  Digital inkjet printing is great for many applications, that’s why we offer it, but it is not as durable as screen printing. So be sure that your durable graphic supplier can offer all of the options available as well as a high level of expertise that can assess and meet your project’s unique needs and your time frames.

About Us

Whether you require brand decals for fleet, control panel overlays for original equipment, outdoor-durable inventory tags, or retail signage that is always color correct and withstands handling, it’s critical that your supplier has high-speed production equipment, excellent supply chain management and a track record of great success.  We have 90 years of experience partnering with industrial and retail clients to provide durable decals, labels, overlays and signage that deliver results. 


Customer Review

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“Red Dot Corporation has enjoyed a long and established business relationship with Cole Graphic Solutions Inc., and we’ve found them to consistently offer excellent customer service and engineering support for unique requirements. Cole Graphic Solutions Inc. provides high quality products, and ships on time for our production schedules and is responsive to changes in customer requirements.”

Chris Fryatt

Red Dot Corporation

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