Happy to be Envirostars certified!

Happy to be Envirostars certified

Business is more than just being profitable. It’s feeling really good about the products and services you offer the world, about assuring your team’s safety, and about making your community stronger. Printing requires the use of chemicals which, if not managed properly, have the potential to damage the earth, and people. Manufacturing our Custom Durable Graphics employs plastics, of many varieties, to accomplish the task required by our customers. At Cole Graphic Solutions, we take this responsibility very seriously. We choose products and processes that are safe for our employees and customers. We assume the cost required to properly recycle over 80% of our waste. We protect our local ground water and waste streams from harm. This isn’t passive. It’s active. It’s a choice that involves a cost. The CGS Team believes this and strives to learn more, and do more, to reduce our environmental impact. We appreciate the recognition, and assistance, of Pierce County Health Department’s Envirostars program. Since 2004 they have partnered with Cole Graphic Solutions to provide informative resources and education to aid our sustainability efforts. Our clients can be proud that they partner with the CGS Team.

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