We never tire of finding innovative solutions for new challenges. When Northwest Marine Technology, a Washington-based company that specializes in implant tags for aquatic species, came to Cole looking to develop a tag to identify fish, we took the bait. NWT research biologist Geraldine Vander Haegan, had the following requirements: “This unique tag would be injected into a fish, but could be seen through the fish’s skin. The tag had to be tiny (just 1 millimeter wide by 2 millimeters long) with even smaller printing. The printing had to be sharp and exactly centered on the tag. The tags had to…

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Key Factors in Good Branding & Brand Signage

A brand is science and psychology wrapped up in a memorable mark. It’s both a valuable asset and a promise. Your brand will outlive your products, so establishing your brand and conveying a consistent message is of the utmost importance. Branding is no easy feat. Cole Graphic Solutions respects those who have created and built strong brands. We appreciate the opportunities to help advance your brand. Our job is to help you reproduce an already established brand in a way that fits the environment and exposures to wear. This includes the correct choice of materials, ink, over-laminates, adhesives, and finishing processes to…

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The Right Questions for the Best Results

In real estate they say it’s all about location, location, location.  Well, in screen and digital printing it’s all about application, application, application.  Knowing how the product is going to be used is absolutely critical to the proper selection of elements – substrates, ink systems, adhesives, protective laminates, etc. On any given job there are lots of variables.  If your print vendors aren’t asking you questions about how your print job will be used, Stop!  Do not pass go.  They are not the right printer. At Cole Graphic Solutions we are all about the questions!  We’ve got 85 years in…

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but how many words is a reproduction of a beautiful historical poster worth? Since 1973, Doug Leen has been working to tell the story of posters that disappeared from history for over 30 years. WPA Posters: A Brief History After the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt launched the New Deal with the goal of helping Americans get back to work. Among many organizations that the New Deal helped establish, the Works Progress Administration (renamed the Works Projects Administration in 1939; WPA) employed more than 8 million people. A fraction of the WPA’s budget…

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