We approached Cole Graphic Solutions about two years ago to augment our rapidly growing republications of WPA National Park serigraph prints. After completing the 14 original historic reproductions 15 years ago, many parks have asked us to create contemporary “in-the-style-of” WPA serigraphs–we now number over 45 National Park designs. Cole Graphic Solutions has done a wonderful job of balancing the look and feel of 1930s serigraphs with modern quality and efficiency, and I might add, pricing. Our company goal has been to reach out to park visitors in a very competitive market and Cole Graphic Solutions has allowed us to do just that with professionalism and punctuality. We’re happy to include them in our team.

Doug Leen aka Ranger Doug “Ranger of the Lost Art”
Ranger Doug’s Enterprises



Cole Graphic Solutions has been a terrific partner for us.  They are super solid under the pressure of tight deadlines, deliver great product and are excellent communicators.  [Cole] always goes the extra mile and does [their] best to find a solution that would fit our projects. There have been only positive experiences with Cole and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anybody.

Stepan Renc



Working with Cole Graphic Solutions for more than 15 years has been a pleasure and a continued partnership for growth. Examples of quality closure and innovative designs range from Pumpskins, menu signage, graphic overlays and creative solutions for a variety of laminate and printed applications. Cole is always looking at non-traditional applications, fabrication and one-stop solutions to exceed their customers’ expectations.

Cole pushes the envelope with material suppliers to provide quality options for their customers to help differentiate a product and maximize the ultimate consumer’s experience.

The consistent quality and customer service Cole executes has been unparalleled and discussed at SGIA, NACS, Regional Coffee conferences as well as interaction with largest manufactures of plastics in the world for Polycarbonate, Styrene, Aluminum Composite Panel, Vinyl and PET.

As a material converter, we are proud to partner with Cole to grow the overall market – they make us a better supplier!

Bill VanHorn
Regal Graphics



Sprague has been doing business with Cole Graphic Solutions for a number of years. The reasons we keep coming back are numerous. Cole stands by their products and we are always confident that we will get quality print work. They handle our creative requests for “outside of the box” products with a smile and a prompt service. We mainly work with Hannah, who gives us top notch customer service, but the entire team has been a pleasure to work with.

Salli Lawrence
Sprague Pest Solutions



Two years ago, I was working on a POP project which needed print on clear plastic. The item was small in size and quantity so not suitable for our large presses. My usual small format contracts declined to attempt plastic printing. Cole Graphic Solutions took it on successfully. Since this project, Cole has not disappointed. Now they are our vendor of choice for digital and silkscreen projects. Their response to our requests is always immediate, cheerful, and accommodating.
Recently, the first project won a very important award for us; it may not have happened without the expertise at Cole Graphic Solutions.

Randy Pratt



Red Dot Corporation has enjoyed a long and established business relationship with Cole Graphic Solutions Inc., and we’ve found them to consistently offer excellent customer service and engineering support for unique requirements. Cole Graphic Solutions Inc. provides high quality products, and ships on time for our production schedules and is responsive to changes in customer requirements.

Chris Fryatt
Red Dot Corporation


Humans are very good at recognizing other people, but we need a lot of help when it comes to telling one fish apart from another. In fact, we really can’t do this to any extent without tagging the fish in some way. Our company specializes in making fish tags, but we wanted to develop a tag that required manufacturing processes beyond our own capabilities. This unique tag would be injected into a fish but could still be seen through the fish’s skin. The tag had to be tiny (just 1 mm wide by 2 mm long) with even smaller printing. The printing had to be sharp and exactly centered on the tag. The tags had to be precisely sized to fit in the injection nee-dle, fully waterproof, and fluorescent to make them easier to find and read. We approached several companies, but when we met Eddie Leikam, Production Manager at Cole Graphic Solutions, we found our partner. This project required testing many different materials and processes, and required precise, tight, tolerances that are well beyond normal printing needs. Eddie and his team worked relentlessly on all aspects until it was just right, and coordinated numerous processes to bring the tag to completion. In the end, it was really their incredible printing skills that made the tag a success and their friendly, professional approach that made our partnership a success. Our company and our customers are so pleased with the resulting tag, and we highly recommend Cole Graphic Solutions.

Geraldine Vander Haegen
Northwest Marine Technology


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